Top Ten Classic Horror Movies and Why I Love Each One. Part One.

     Hello again friends! Welcome back to my top tens. This week we’ll be looking at the first part of my top ten favorite classic horror movies! If you know me personally you would know that with my writing I prefer to write in the genres of horror, psychological, suspense, thrillers and things in that general category. My love for writing about those things sprouted from my mother and I’s love for horror movies and Halloween. Even when my friends come over to my house, I usually like to introduce them to a favorite horror movie of mine. Gosh, putting together this list was hard just by itself. I rearranged them so many times, I was lucky enough to finally get to a set arrangement. There will be a scare rating at the end of each segment from not really scary to pee your pants scary. Anyways, I’ll just get started. As always in my top tens I will be biased since these are MY top tens.


10. Scream (1996)

Scream was my favorite horror movie for a long time. I just loved the stereotypical predictability of it. The characters were enjoyable too. The whole movie didn’t consist of just comedy or just horror. It was a good balance of both which is the reason why I believe that this is one of the most iconic horror movies. I definitely recommend this movie for beginner horror movie enthusiasts. The movie in general was entertaining to watch and it got a few good scares in there, not to mention the plot twist of which I will not spoil. The concept and ideas behind the killer’s motive added a bit of spice to the movie that really made me latch onto it. It was actually inspired by a real-life killing spree that sent an idyllic Florida town into a panic. Ghostface, the antagonist, is my all time favorite horror movie villain even though the movie itself is no longer my top favorite. He appears in video games and the same outfit was used throughout the whole series. He even has merchandise like pins, figures (hehe I have a figure of him) costumes, masks, props, shirts, and even some fanfictions/novels.

Scare rating: 3/10. Did not pee my pants.


9. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

I was alone when I watched this for the first time. It made me scared to close my eyes, and to keep them open. I still remember the way I didn’t get up from the couch until my Dad got home from work.  It’s primarily about a small group of people doing a homestyle film surrounding a local legend of the Blair Witch. Things go wrong as they do in all horror movies, but this one is really slow-burn. It doesn’t jump right into the scares. It takes it slow and creates a very unsettling atmosphere. 

Scare Rating: 7/10. Stuck to couch for hours..


8.  The Ring  (2002)

Okay, the concept of this movie really caught my attention. Not only did the director perfectly execute this interesting concept, they added in extra plot twists and hidden messages which really make the experience more enjoyable for me. Throughout the whole movie they have this film like color over the screen, very similar to Twilight. This filter over the screen really adds to the atmosphere of the depressing situation. The main antagonist of the series, Samara, is a very iconic character as well. You may see prank videos online using samara’s character traits like long wet black hair covering her face, pale sickly skin, a dirty white nightgown and bare feet. 

Scare Rating:  6/10.  ~sEvEN dAyS~


7. Amityville Horror (1979)

I watched this movie a long time ago, so, my memory of it might make it seem like it was better than it actually is. This movie was based on a true story, and it depicts something very close to the actual events. They remade this movie in 2005 starring Ryan Reynolds. I like them both, but I prefer the 1979 version because the definition isn’t high which gives in a more immersive atmosphere. In the movie, the father figure falls deeper into madness the longer they stay in their new home. He eventually starts killing animals, and then that violence leads to… other things. 

Scare Rating: 5/10. Decently scary. 


6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

  Along with some other movies on this list, Texas Chainsaw Massacre was lightly based on the true killings of serial killer Ed Gein. I was a bit younger when I watched this for the first time, and when I say I was disturbed, I REALLY mean disturbed. The content of this movie has the perfect balance of actual scares, gore, and unsettling atmosphere. It always sent a sense of worry and anticipation through my body almost the whole movie. This wasn’t any regular slasher movie, this one was different. Just the idea that the concept of the movie could very easily become real is one of the biggest scare factors in my opinion. 

Scare Rating: 8/10. Nightmare fuel for weeks..


 That’s all for this week guys! Keep an eye out for part two next week to finally see my top five! Feel free to comment your top ten or guesses to my top five! Have a nice day and see you next time! 

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Classic Horror Movies and Why I Love Each One. Part One.”

  1. this is so cool, locklyn!! i love the horror genre so much, and the way you write about it makes it clear that it’s really special to you too, which makes my heart happy!! i’m definitely going to check out the films on this list that i haven’t seen yet, and i can’t wait for part two 🙂

  2. Locklyn, all I can say is that this is so you. The writing style, the general topic, the enthusiasm surrounding something that makes boring people shudder. I love it, because it is very much so my best friend in blog form. I particularly enjoyed the “scare rating” feature. Very informative, and on only the most professional of scaling methods. I look forward to you making me watch all of these lol.

  3. locklyn wilchynski, you have done it again. i always love reading your work and hearing your sweet voice speak through the screen. very well done, thorough review, and i’m excited to follow your journey here! <3

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