an adhd reader’s executive dysfunction

my original title was going to be “wow i need to read more,” but i think that speaks too much for itself and leave’s no room for writer’s interpretation. while the writing department has blessed my eager heart with great literature from my peers, it has left me with a generous second and a half of free time weekly, which is not nearly enough to read a book that isn’t obligatory. 

however, i have gotten into some really good music lately, and i’ve conjured up some recommendations (pulled directly from: my fall 2021 playlist)

better friends – abby cates
“better friends that won’t remind me I’m a bit alone, better characters who maybe won’t let me down,”
little repetitive, but honestly a vibe. explores the themes of needing to feel understood by those around you. it addresses the inner thoughts of someone who feels like an outcast, even within their friend groups.

army – lauren weintraub
“my friends all say i dodged a bullet, but they don’t even know it, no… i dodged the whole damn army,”
unreleased as of right now, this is sadly not released, except for a 30ish second excerpt on lauren’s tik tok. it has a vibe that crosses avril lavigne with hayley williams, and i’m not even mad about it – i’m just excited for the release date.

tartarus – ghostemane
“let me put kerosene all on my past and let it all go up in flames,”
less lyrically inept, but a good song to have in the background for getting ready in the mornings, being in the shower, mindless tasks and the like.

lotta true crime – penelope scott
“y’know dennis rayder and david parker ray actually sit together in hell, shaking, quaking, terrified that someday, somehow, someway– they might meet me,”
this song has been trending on tik tok for a while, but that absolutely has no effect on its value. she goes into why she listens to true crime (presumably podcasts or youtube videos) and why it’s way deeper than the surface.

two week notice – leanna firestone
“if you wanted to freelance, i don’t know why you ever applied to a 9-5,”
leanna firestone is also an artist from tik tok, but she has so much talent. this song compares an old relationship to being “his job,” using a two week notice as a parallel to how things changed before the actual breakup. she also uses “better hours or better pay,” as a means to say that someone else will take less of his time or worth more than her, and “better management” as a way to say the new girl might be easier to deal with. overall, great use of metaphors and other figurative language.

hmu if u don’t like me – ashley kutcher
“my love language is destructive, i want guys who just want nothing,”
inspired by a tweet from blackbear, this song is applicable to so many situations that people find themselves in, particularly the idea of only wanting people who don’t want you back. however, many of the lyrics can apply to being in a situationship that you don’t want to be in, being afraid of relationships, and just generally having really bad taste.

washing machine heart – mitski
“i know who you pretend i am,”
yet another example of me stealing lauren’s brand, this song is about entering a relationship that you know will destroy you, but doing it anyways. particularly, it’s two views of a relationship where someone is not wholeheartedly invested in the other person – just the feeling of it. 

i think that’s everything i have for today, but stay tuned for my really bad music takes sometime soon – hey, maybe i’ll recover from the bullying and uncover some good country ones. 

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