Will Wood and the Tapeworms: A Dive into the Bizarre

CW: Mentions of death.

If you’ve talked to me within the last month, I’ve most likely bugged you about my newest obsession. If you’ve read the title, then you can probably guess what, or rather who, it is. 

Will Wood and the Tapeworms, now performing as just “Will Wood” is known for their chaotic performances and eccentric music whose genre can only be described as “yeah, it’s just Will Wood.”

Their unique style has absolutely captivated me,  and I’ve since listened to their ENTIRE discography and even bought their mockumentary on Amazon Prime. My Discord profile picture has only consisted of shots of the lead singer himself for the past week, and I sure have gotten my fair share of ridicule for it. (The wholesome friend kind, of course.) 

Other than the fact I crashed my car while listening to Dr. Sunshine is Dead, the main factor that dragged me into this absolute obsession was the movie vaguely listed on his website. It was $2 on Amazon Prime, so of course, I rented it to see what it was all about. The movie was titled “The Real Will Wood” and, in short, was about a group of documentarians seeking out to answer the question, “who is the real Will Wood?” When I say it was one of the most bizarre experiences in my life, I’m being genuine. It was something I would create, and if you’ve seen any of my editing before, you can understand what I’m saying. I was instantly hooked on the eccentricities of the music and performances and was enamored with Will Wood himself. I had to listen to all of his music. So, I did. (within a week.)

The artist focuses mostly on the inevitability of death, mental illness, gender roles, and other social issues. With three full albums out and a number of EPs, you’ll be able to catch up on all his work in no time. I’m currently watching the documentary on his YouTube channel “What Did I Do?” (which so far fits the style of The Real Will Wood, but is definitely, well, not as bizarre, to say the least) about the making of his newest release, “The Normal Album,” which you can guess is anything but. Will Wood’s humor, along with the rest of the band and crew’s, is definitely not for the faint of heart, as most sentences uttered in either documentary are almost always about death. You’ll pick up on the band’s fascination with death very quickly. It’s pretty much everywhere.

However, Will Wood can sing about grizzly topics in a jazzy and upbeat manner, so jam out to your inevitable demise! Memento Mori, after all.



Author: Lauren Stamps

Just a writer who really likes fictional robots :)

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  1. Ahh, I loved this blog, Lauren! It was compelling and genuine; I adore listening to/reading about writers gushing about their favorite things, and your enthusiasm was uplifting. Also, the band itself sounds incredibly interesting. Can’t wait to check out their stuff! 🙂

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