Trying a K-Pop Diet

Hey! >.< Here I am once again, and for this week I thought it’d be fun to try a K-pop diet. Now, for those who may not know, K-pop diets are diets curated by different IDOLS in the industry and what they follow to get (or stay) slim. These are very restrictive almost all the time and can be tough to get through. So I thought why not? We love self punishment on this blog! ♥

There are many different types but I am going to be following one by JENNIE from BLACKPINK. *insert cheers* Picture for reference…

Also, I can not tell you to not try this diet because that is exactly what I did. Please keep in mind however that trying this diet for a prolonged time can really mess up your metabolism and digestive system. Be safe 🙂

I love JENNIE and Halloween was coming up, so I thought why not try to become a skinny legend for my costume like my queen? Then, I started it…

Well, the diet focuses on reducing general bloating and detoxing the stomach. Real good stuff ya know? The meals kind of have some wiggle room, but a main factor is to have no sodium. (So like no salt) An avocado salad has to be included and a lot of teas good for detoxing. (I used green tea) and TONS of water. 

Besides food and drink, the diet also consists of needing to work out a LOT. K pop stars dance and rehearse for more than 10 hours a day most of the time. To try and measure up to that I did some of BLACKPINK’S dance practice videos and gurl…when I tell you…they are difficult. My little two step didn’t get me nearly enough body comprehension for those.

Anyways, I started to journal my emotions in real time, so I could deliver the most raw and authentic feelings. I forgot to do the first morning cause i didn’t come up with the idea to journal until later…*bad blogger check* 😛

So yeah. I had a lot of water for breakfast and then lunch was the avocado salad. I actually stayed feeling full and drank my green tea and water consistently. Pretty okay, and the workouts were so so so much more fun than I thought. 

Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.

10-27-20 Tuesday ( 화요일 )

9:57 I’m feeling rough. I got some chicken to eat with sticky white rice but          they got me gal. The chicken I got had broth and sea salt frozen with it.          ≥≤ I keep wanting to add extra ANYTHING to “make-up” for the chicken.

     For dinner, I’m eating finely chopped yellow onions, carrots, celery, and         half a bowl of rice. No seasonings, more water. 

     I keep getting grouchy, and I know it’s the hungry brain. This is gonna be       a long three days. 

10:10 I literally got up to get water because my cup was low, and my food           was ready, right? Then next thing I know I’m stopping my desperate               hand from grabbing something inside a fridge I didn’t even remember           opening-

10:29 SO…I was only able to eat half of the bowl. My stomach feels so full,           and it feels like it has doubled in size..  ¿what?

10:44 Oop, I literally spaced out and never finished what I was writing. I             toats forgot what I was doing. Maybe green tea will help?

10-28-20 Wednesday ( 수요일 )

12:05 SO I had my leftovers, and it was so filling! I can’t wait to go home             and dance some more for my workout though. It was so fun trying to             follow BLACKPINK’S dance practice videos. Don’t be shy… 

3:17 Oh my GOD. I want coffee so bad! My stomach was just a rumbling ,            making all this racket, but all I want is an iced coffee. Still pumped for            the workouts, but that could change real quick Mary. Realll quick…

4:45 SO I’m just dancing my little gay heart out right? Next thing I know, I          distinctly smell mandarin chicken. Where did it come from? I’m in my            living room! 

5:30 Well…I did something I told myself I wouldn’t…I compared my before        picture to now- *looks away shamefully* I just swear to God I feel as              though my stomach is getting bigger because it keeps looking that way to      me. I don’t want this to be for nothing either though! Lord no…

    🙂 I saw progress though ♥

10-29-20 Thursday ( 목요일 )

3:54 HOLY GUACAMOLE! I made it to day three. Final day. I haven’t stopped      thinking about food for three days straight. I just ate a piece of ham. Did        it have sodium? maybe. Do I care? Gurl no! I’m happy and tired as bleep.

5:40 Alright. That’s enough. I’m done. I know I still had supper to go, but I          am miserable. I gotta watch myself though! Once I said I was done , one        piece of ham from earlier almost turned into two, and then I almost ate          leftover pizza, chips, Cheez-Itz®, and basically everything and anything        else I saw.

    The results did reduce a good bit of bloating and water weight. But no.          No no no. I wouldn’t do this again. Well? 😛 … NAhhh. Yes, my physique          slimmed but not nearly enough to compensate for how miserable I was.        Honestly, the working out helped so much which I already did just not as      consistently as these three days. 

    The emotional mind state that this diet put me in was not even, like I              didn’t, it was crazy. Like it wasn’t until it was over that I realized how              unhappy, tired, and miserable I was. This really gave me perspective on        how much food can alter like, somebody’s mood. It’s so bizarre really. 

    If I were to take away anything from this diet, it would be the working            out more and drinking more water. I might try and lower my salt intake?      Gurl I don’t know.

   Again, I can’t tell you not to try it cause I did. But good luck, have fun, and     be free. ♥





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  1. I had an amazing time reading this post! I love how you included journal entries; they added so much to the blog and they were really funny. I felt like I was going on the journey with you, and overall, this was just a great balance of information and entertainment.

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