White Flag – Bishop Briggs

White Flag by Bishop Briggs is currently my fight song. The song personalizes what it’s like to have a person or people in your life determined to bring you down, but deciding for yourself that no one can you back. It’s a very sharp-edged song, but it is so impactful and I am honestly in love with it. 


Take a hit, shoot me down, shoot me down

I won’t ever hit the ground, hit the ground

Playing dead, I’ll never do

Gotta keep an eye on you

Patience is wearing thin, paper thin

Promises broke again, what a sin

But it only feeds my energy

So don’t expect no sympathy

Smoke, fire, it’s all going up

Don’t you know I ain’t afraid to shed a little blood?

Smoke, fire, flares are going up, flares are going up


The mood is set. You are preparing for war, and all the misfires are only making you stronger. There is no mercy. You’re fed up and red-eyed. There will be no surrender from you, this is do or die. 


Oh, won’t wave my white flag, no

This time I won’t let go

I’d rather die

Than give up the fight, give up the fight, give up the fight, give up the fight

Won’t wave my white flag, no

Oh, I won’t go down slow

I’d rather die

Than give up the fight, give up the fight, give up the fight, give up the fight.


You are fully aware that you may not win this battle, but you refuse to be coward anymore. It’s time to be ruthless, there is no way for the enemy to break you. 

I love the determination this song brings to life. It truly captures the breaking point, when you can’t take being pushed around anymore. That adrenaline kicks in and it feels like nothing can stop you. 


Put an X on my chest, on my chest

But I’m still standing ’cause I won’t forget

The hell on earth you put me through

I’ll save myself in spite of you.


They won’t target? Fine, you will be a target, plain as day. Good luck hitting the bulls-eye because you are fueled up, and there is nothing they can throw at you that you haven’t swallowed before. 

The last line hits really hard. It really approaches the “what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger” ideology in a different way. To me, this line is saying that she is going to prove to the enemy that she is not as small as they have tried to make her believe. She will be better, and that is the best revenge. 

The song continues the repeat the chorus a couple times, but the entire song just puts you in the mood to exceed expectation. We all have been belittled and pushed around at some point in our lives, and this song, for me at least, is a big IN YOUR FACE to those people. “I’ll prove you wrong. I want give up until I have established that I am great.” It’s very impactful and empowering, and because of the way it gets you kind of angry, but in a good way, and makes you believe in yourself and your abilities, I find it very inspiring.