Summer… and College Prep!!!

It’s official, y’all: we’re in the final stretch. We have 2 weeks of school; approximately 10 days in school – a total of 1 3/7 full weeks. And then it’s summer! After that, we’re going to be seniors and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. Well, there are ways, but I wouldn’t endorse it. I’ve made a post before about how I search for colleges, and this post will be somewhat of a follow-up to it. 

My college choices have been adapted to fit the ruling of my parents, but I still hold a small shred of hope to go to college out-of-state. Now what’s the next step after figuring that out? Prep. Colleges often require that you write an essay on various topics, and as I’ve noticed this semester, my essay writing skills have gotten a bit rusty. So to remedy that, I plan to practice writing essays over the summer for my applications. To find some prompts, I looked at a few online, but I plan to use a few from the Texas Common Application site because I plan on applying to a university in Houston. 

Of course, there is still the issue of the ACT. I’m closer to my goal of 30, but I still need to push for a higher math score because math kicks my tail. My mom wants to help me with my score by getting me some more resources to study. I also need to work on my science score. I want to raise it by maybe one or two points. If I really want to push it, I’ll aim for a growth of four or more points. PrepScholar is a good resource to use for studying and finding different test-taking strategies. I’ve used it to adapt my own strategies, and I shared it with my friend, Jennifer, to help her when she first took the ACT. I don’t really know if it helped her out, but she did make a 30, so… maybe they are helpful. For me, their strategies helped me out a lot on the junior ACT. My composite score grew five points, and my reading and English scores spiked. I encourage everyone to check out PrepScholar over the summer or prior to their next swing at the ACT.

Author: Morgan Crosby

The girl from D'Iberville is a really dull girl. She locks herself up in her room, content to spend her time reading and occasionally writing. She loves to read little YA romances and sometimes finds herself with books about history. The main thing motivating her writing is her overactive imagination and the strange dreams that plague her sleep. Her works also stem from what she has heard from music, conversations, or when half asleep. Crazed killers, haunted mirrors, and murderous siblings seem to be part of her stories in some way, but they always start off in her dreams. She started writing when she was in middle school, but had been telling stories since she was little.

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