Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe: Part 2

Hello, Internet. It is I, Tyler, and I’m back with another literary review. And so, I am going to  review  part 2 of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe in this post.

So I guess its time to get into this very weird and not necessarily child-friendly e-comic.

We left off at the end of part one where basically, Deadpool is insane and he kills of the narrator aka The Watcher. At the start of part 2, we see that some time has passed since Deadpool went psychotic. We learn that he’s killed any and all villains and superheros that he come across. Then we are immediately thrust into a fight between Spiderman (side note: Tom Holland is the best Spiderman) and Deadpool. This fight, unfortunately,  ends with Spiderman taking a bullet and dying in front of a crowd of onlookers.

We then get a scene of Deadpool talking to himself about how he has broken the chains that once bound him. He speaks of a mysterious “them.” Here we start to infer that the “them” he is speaking of are the Marvel creators themselves as he says, “their precious Spiderman.”

After that, we are taken to a meeting between the final remaining Avengers and X-Men. We learn that most of the active and reserve roster for both groups has been killed off. Immediately following, we see the group die as Deadpool uses Pym Particles to blow them all to bits. He then kills the survivors namely Thor. After this, he goes on another spiel about how it has to be this way, and he’s giving them mercy by killing them and such. They basically made the antihero and antivillain.

Next he get rips apart by the Hulk, and so he decapitates Bruce Banner.Then we get scene where these women – lovers of the dead superheros and villain – make a contract with the Taskmaster (not even going to lie here guys, I had to ask around to figure out who the heck this man was – thanks again, Jackson).

And that ends part 2. The story is weird, but it gets even weirder in parts 3 and 4. Anyways, goodbye, internet. Catch you on the flip side. ✌️

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe: Part 1

Hey, there! It’s me again. So for this episode of Tyler Review Literary Works, I actually bought an ebook. I mean I had a coupon and it was on sale so how could I resist.  Anyways, this month, I have an ebook (more like online comic??) titled Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. 

First things first, I didn’t realize it was a horror comic not rated for children until after I bought it and started to read so, for those younger readers this is not for you. Not at all. Lots of blood and stuff so don’t read.

Okay so now that that is out of the way, let’s begin.

Part 1 of this comic opens with The Watcher breaking the fourth wall to speak with the reader about how he has watched the end of many civilizations and such. After this introduction, we see that the end begins with the Fantastic Four. We watch Reed and Johnny die before finally Susan, each at the hands of Deadpool.

The Watcher then returns to send us to the real beginning in which the X-Men sent Wade to an asylum. Here, we learn that the head doctor (haha) is actually a robot controlled by Psycho Man. We learn of his evil plans to turn bad guys into his army so that he can take over the world. But something goes wrong (as it always does), and now Wade is like mental and kills Psycho Man. From there, Wade kills the attending nurses and physicians before burning the entire building to the ground with the patients still inside.

Afterwards, The Watcher comes back to give us more exposition but mid-speech he is tased (by Wade). He then has a “lengthy conversation” (it’s a comic there are no real lengthy conversations) about who he was speaking to (we’re still breaking the fourth wall here people because who is Deadpool if he doesn’t break fourth wall?). After this, Deadpool kills him meaning that we have all the exposition we’re going to get.

And the book then ends there, with Wade, a psycho killer who can’t really die, and all of our Marvel Favorites in danger but not knowing they are in danger.

All in all, I’m excited for this 4 part comic. And I hope you kind of are too because I bought this to review (but I mean it was only 49 cents so no foul, but I did use my coupon to get to down to 49 cents so maybe some foul).

So tune in next month where I will review part 2. And hey, this one wasn’t as rushed or late as last month so maybe next month’s won’t be either. Anyways, bye.

Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven

Well hello there, stranger. It’s been a while since I’ve posted ( my own fault, procrastination is my biggest flaw).  So last time on Tyler Reviews Literary Pieces, I reviewed the second installment on a manga series that I am reading. However, I’m broke so now I’m reviewing ebooks I got for free on the google play store.

So The Raven is arguably Poe’s most famous piece. Actually, it isn’t even an arguable opinion. It is his most infamous piece and everyone has probably read it at one point or another. And if you haven’t, you should  because I hate to be wrong.

The Raven is basically a conversation between the “I” and a raven (a very large crow). In which, the “I” is paranoid and distraught, and the raven does nothing to ease his suffering.

Poe published this narrative poem in January of 1845 so there are a lot of “old english” bits. For example, “But, with mein of lord or lady, perched above my chamber door…”

So if you can’t understand what he means I’d suggest having google open whilest you read, or better yet, struggle through like the rest of us.

Anyways, so this is the poem from which we get “Quoth the raven, ‘Nevermore.'” This quote can be found throughout the poem as everytime the narrator speaks to the raven the only response he receives is “Nevermore.”

I won’t go much further into the story because seriously if you’ve never read it or listened to it, you should do that. Better yet, read or listen to all of his works.

So until next time, where I will give another rushed (or maybe not) literary review. Goodnight, internet (or good morning i guess). Actually, never mind. Bye.


Story of (some) Literary Progression

Welcome to the story of Tyler Renee, a literary artist.

So about 10 years ago, eight year old me sat down on a beige couch with a speckled composition book in my pink “writer’s robe” (a bathrobe that I only wore when writing at home) and wrote a 20 page story about three girls and a dolphin. Now, looking back on that story, I can honestly tell you that it was trash. But it succeeded in helping me find my passion for writing.

After  that, I started writing poetry. I filled many composition books with rhyming poems (I was a fan on the ABAB CDCD rhyme scheme at the time.)  It became more often that one would find me scribbling away in a composition book writing than reading AR books or doing my math homework. This of course caused some problems and for a couple years or so I didn’t write at all.

When I got to be 12 or 13, I picked up the  habit again (this time abandoning the rhyme scheme all together). I would write short fiction stories and create characters in my free time. I wrote about my religious beliefs and societal problems. I wrote of depression and happiness.

But then I started going through a hard time getting anywhere with my stories and would throw most away as soon as I broke away from them. I would tear pages upon pages of writing out of my notebooks before throwing them away because at the time I didn’t believe in my writing in the slightest bit.

Then when I was 15, I learned about Mississippi School of the Arts and I was once again inspired to write and I started to really believe that I could be a poet and write for a living. I practiced create several portfolios for the application for Mississippi School of the Arts. I was fully prepared to apply. But the year of my application, I was not in the best of mindsets. I lost full belief in my writing and myself. I threw away all of my poetry and fiction pieces that I had cultivated. I gave up writing and any dreams that I had that I could live the life of a literary artist.

However, my friend, Nakiejah Hickman, talked me into rewriting my pieces and applying anyways. The day I received my acceptance letter was the day that I fully accepted that my writing was not the trash I believed it to be. From that day forward, I have written many poems and fiction pieces. I have written plays and monologues (I mean they were not the best but they didn’t suck too bad).

I am proud to call myself a literary artist. And I am proud to say that I have come a long way from the 8 year old in a pink robe writing about dolphins. And while I lost years of my earliest works, I am proud to have struggled the way I had. It taught me to fully embrace my creativity and my art.

So here’s to a new year of literary growth.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Vol.2 (Beware! Spoilers Ahead!)

Last month, I reviewed Kore Yamazaki’s The Ancient Magus’ Bride Vol. 1. This month, I continue to review the 10 volume manga series with this blog focusing on volume 2.

So, if you read last month’s blog, you’ll know that Yamazaki left us hanging at the end of the volume. Renfred and Alice (Renfred’s apprentice) captured Chise as she was starting the purification spell that would destroy the blight that had been giving the Cats of Ulthar problems.

Just like Volume 1, Vol.2 is jam-packed with background information, filler content, and ends with a cliff hanger that makes me want to pull my hair out.

So to begin, the first really important bit of the book is probably the very beginning where Yamazaki starts right where he left off. As i already said, the Alchemists have Chise and Ariel in his grasps. Chise, of course, makes a rash decision and escapes, saving Ariel from the very literal iron fist of Renfred and ends up only slightly injured in the process. Pilum Murale (or Elias) uses his magic to teleport(?) to Chise.

While this is all really interesting artwork and action, the most important aspect of these scenes is the dialogue. We learn that as  Sleigh Buggy, Chise’s lifespan is very short. We also learn that Elias is using her as a “guinea pig” of sorts. Once again, Chise is offered a way out of the magical lifestyle she has been thrown into, but she doesn’t take it. Instead, she states very clearly that Elias is her family now and that she will stick by him until her death which is presumably coming very quickly.

But anyways, Chise purifies the blight and then goes into a fortnight (2 week) long coma.

The next really important scene takes place in Chapter 8: The Faerie Queene. In this chapter, Elias visits Chise as she sleeps in the forest. Apparently, he thought this was the best way for her to regain her magic and consciousness because nature. But no matter how ridiculous that is, he visits her out in the woods.

Here, Titania, the Queen of all Faerie, and Oberon, her husband, visit Elias and a sleeping Chise. Oberon actually uses his magic to awaken Chise. We are also reminded that Chise is not only Elias’s mentee but his fiancèe as well.

We learn of some interesting new conflicts when the queen and her husband leave through their guard, Spriggan. After the queen invites Chise and Elias to Albion, the Fae kingdom, he threatens Elias by saying “…do not dream of setting foot into our lands. A flesh clad halfling like you has no place there.”

This is interesting because this is not the first time we’ve heard Elias be referred to as a halfling. At the beginning of Vol. 2, Renfred makes a comment saying how Elias will never be human and can never be Fae again.

But that is all we receive from Yamazaki in this volume on that specific matter.

Anyways, Spriggan then speaks to Oberon and says, “The liath anam herald disaster and despair… How many souls have been lost because of him?” This only deepens my curiosity about Elias and his past in Albion. But Yamazaki gives nothing more on this either.

The next big event occurs in Chapter 10: Speak of the devil, and he is sure to appear. This is happens to be when we learn of the “main bad guy,” an alchemist. Alice, who was captured by Chise, speak of the boy(?), and he appears just as the title references.

This volume ends with the Alchemist injuring Chise when she tries to save Alice from getting attacked by the Alchemist’s chimera.


The Ancient Magus’ Bride Vol.1 (Beware! Spoilers Ahead!)

The Ancient Magus’ Bride is a 10 volume manga series written by Kore Yamazaki. The series follows the adventures of Chise Hatori, an orphan sleigh buggy, and her fiance and mentor, Elias Ainsworth.

Volume 1 is jam-packed with content. But the most significant portions in my opinion would include Chise’s run in with the fairies, the couple’s visit with Angelica, and the ending scenes that ultimately lead to the next volume.

Of course, there are many things that happen in this volume that are significant to the story as a whole, like her visit with Lindel and his dragons (more specifially Nevin). But I find these scenes to be more filler content and explanatory than anything else.

From the start, everything is fast paced and it gives very little direct information about how it is Chise was sold into slavery. Of course, there are bits and pieces we get from her memory that give us slight hints as to how her home life negatively affected her.

The first we really hear of Chise’s family starts with the fairies. Ultimately, we learn that after he mother’s death, she was passed around from family member to family member until she willingly gave herself up for auction. This lack of family and love makes her susceptible to the fairies’ somewhat sinister plans. However, it is this same sentiment that makes her deny the fairies.

After this encounter, Elias takes Chise into the city where they meet with an old friend of his. In true manga form, Angelica, an artificer mage, has a small breakdown upon learning of the couple’s engagement. She throws Elias out of her shop and begins to shed light upon the more magical aspects of the world Chise has found herself thrust into.

Here we learn about difference in Alchemy and Magic. Angelica, not knowing of Chise’s sleigh buggy status, has Chise try out some magic. This of course goes wrong and Elias has to step in before the entire shop is turned into a crystal poppy field. This is where we learn what a sleigh buggy is.

Skip to the end of Chapter 5, we find Chise at the beginning of a purification spell. This of course seems dumb considering how inexperienced she is. If you think back to her first try at magic by which she almost destroyed Angelica’s shop, you’d agree that she should not be performing magic at this time.

Elias says that his powers are more aligned with the darker side of nature. Personally, I feel this excuse was not worth the problems that would have definitely arrived with Chise doing somewhat complicated spell work.

But of course, right as she is separated from Elias and beginning her spell, Renfred and apprentice capture her. Now, this being the first volume of the series, there was no way we could have expected Yamazaki to not leave us hanging.

Overall, if you like fantasical magic, inhuman creatures, narcissistic alchemist, and cliff hangers, this is most definitely the manga for you.

Tune in next month for The Ancient Magus’ Bride Vol. 2.

Leo Downs aka LAD

He is the very epitome of emotional.

( see the 1st Urban Dictionary Definition )

When you are with him, there is never any Peace and Quiet

And honestly you don’t mind

You appreciate the noise

But you once mistook it for Fireworks

He was not a fan of such accusations

If this had been years before, stupid words would be met with venomous force

But he has blossomed into a Black Rose

He isn’t like that anymore but you will still hold your tongue

You promised yourself that you wouldn’t be in a position like that again

But he is a friend and you’ve always said you would die for your friends

You haven’t spoken to him in a while

You are relearning all of the forgotten facts

He isn’t Scared of the Dark.

He loves Peanut Butter M&M’s

He often forgets to take his B-12

And he moderately dislikes The Scent of Freshly-Cut Grass

He has opinions about all the Things No One Wants To Talk About

You agree with many and disagree with some

He will tell you things you do not want to hear but you need to listen to

You will smile and change the subject

Maybe one day you will remember to thank him


This is just a series on the the people in my class and the things about them I notice.


Charlotte Rose Drane aka Charles

She is spunky.

(see 1st Urban Dictionary definition)

You find yourself sitting at a new table at lunch.

It is inhabited by Charles and Katie and an assortment of others

But Charles has caught your eye

Her StrungOutThoughts have weaved their way into your head

Now you listen intently

You don’t want to miss what she says

Her voice reminds you of an Artist’s Freedom

She is delicate but demands your respect

You will always listen when she speaks-

Even when the room is full of noise

You will share Unhelpful Thoughts

But you will not speak to her

Because how can you tell her that you relate when she is starring you in the eyes

So instead you will look her in her eyes as she talks

She knows you are listening

That is all that is needed

So you stare and you listen and you respect

And she will stare and talk and command respect.


This is just a series on the the people in my class and the things about them I notice.


Katherine Dian Westbrook aka Katie

She is the definition of grunge.

(See the 1st Urban Dictionary Definition)

You see her more down the street at the thrift store than in class.

She looks through the clothes with leopard spots to polka dots

You say that polka dots remind you of kindergarten

She says she looking for escape back to simpler times

You laugh but the look in her eyes say this is not a joke

You look away

She used to talk about the world as if everything thing was a possiblity

Said that everything was a result of When Parallel Lines Intertwine

You took her out across the darkness where the bomberjets fly

She told you along the way her Theory  on God

She said to you the cobra spit over apocalyptic cult killer cauldron smoke

You will sit dazed and confused

Her world makes no sense

She tells you she worships A Really Big Duck

You will nod and agree

She scolds you for biting back your words

She hates this type of Apartment Mentality

So you nod and agree again and she is angry but also confused

You laugh

She laughs

She tells you that  the world is going to crash

You say that we are all just Bleeding Hearts And Long Winged Birds

She will nod and agree

Who cares if they burn?

Not you and certainly not her


This is just a series on the the people in my class and the things about them I notice.


Amaria Byonce Sumler aka Mar

She is the very definition of woke

(see the 4th Urban Dictionary Definition)

Often you find yourself wondering the halls with her

She will tell you to refuse the cruise your parents are paying for

You’ll fall right off the side of the earth without your smoky quartz crystal

And one isn’t going to save the whole ship

Instead go to Nevada, dance with the men in uniforms as they arrest you

She’ll tell you how to get away from them and find the ship

She’ll give you her address; she wants to see the stars.

She is tired of Looking Up at them

Tell her that her Attention would be better placed on the Illuminati

She will say that she spends too much time on the dark web

You will go to visit her at home and she will answer, “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here” before letting you in.

You will fix her computer

She will ask  for your baseball bat when Cortana talks.

You’ll give it to her because you are dense

Now it is you, Mar, and a battered computer

You will ask her why

She will say one less AI to take over the world

When you tell her you want to fly to Denver she will refuse

She doesn’t deal with the Illuminati, you’ve already established this.

Mar gives you a rose quartz to heal your sole

You’ve experienced too much negativity today


This is just a series on the the people in my class and the things about them I notice.