A Realization of Mindsets

I’ve said it before on here I believe, but I am on this whole self-love journey. Only now am I realizing it’s not called a journey because its easy, but quite the opposite. It was a silly thing to assume, I admit. For anyone out there though, who may be struggling as well, I wanted to share some things I have realized so far that may help. 

There have been moments of relapsing and I can’t help but wonder every time if I am taking steps back instead of forward. It sometimes will send me down this Alice in Wonderland rabbit-hole mindset of me trying to piece together what’s going on. Am I okay? Why do I feel bad? What started this? How quickly can I make it stop? 

It’s not helpful. I can tell you right now that the worrying doesn’t help. It’s hard to stop it completely and I can’t say for certain I ever have. There is one thing I came to see though. 

Act like you’re walking through the woods. You come to a part where there is no visible path in sight. You are stuck. Well, sometimes you have to take two steps back to see a bigger picture of the landscape, so you find your new path that allows you to take ten more steps forward. Our anxiety or problems can blind our intuition of what they know to be true and mask our hindsight. It’s not a sad truth to just deal with because that’s how we are built, but it’s something to make us keep questioning. That part of us wants us to get stuck again and again so we keep learning new and seeking out new paths to evolve with. 

Your mindset on your outlook can be the biggest decider of how something will turn out for you. You could just stay stuck in the woods if you think that’s life, or you can find that new path. As I stated before, it’s not easy. Somedays I’m just building a campsite and giving up looking for that path, whereas others I have two machetes in hand tearing down anything in my way and carving my own way. The point is to try not and stay at the campsite too long. We’ll miss you too much, and trust me. My search teams will find you so you might as well come along  🙂

This is all one giant comparison of a time in the woods to something as grand as life. I hope maybe you can find something of value in this. I tried not to sound too cheesy with any “I’m here for yous” -even though I am-.- Just remember to keep your mindset where you want your day or events to go. I think I said this in a previous blog- but in case I didn’t- Oprah said to write down five things at the end of the day that you were grateful for. It can be the smallest things. For example, I’m grateful I had the power to brush my teeth today. Literally anything. She said that slowly your mind will start shifting to a whole new mentality that will start to focus more on what lifts you up in life, what you’re grateful for. That’s not a bad goal. Everyone should want to strive for that brain pattern because it will make your life stellar. 

Here’s a little video for you. The words are what I also am trying to get across. The song is “WANNABE” by the group ITZY. If you don’t know the language then turning on subtitles may be beneficial. ;P

If K-Pop isn’t your gig, here is another video of another great example by the greats. ♥ This is “Rain On Me” by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. Have fun! Maybe it’s raining in the woods too. Maybe you’d rather be dry, but at least you’re alive ♥