My Top 10 Anime List

Anime has always been something that I love to watch. I’ve been surrounded by it for as long as I can remember because my dad is such a big fan as well. Over the years I have seen numerous anime’s and so far here are my favorites and why you should watch them.

1o. Akame Ga Kill

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    Now if you’ve already heard about Akame Ga Kill its probably been from people telling you not to watch it and that it’s a waste of time. I’m hear to tell you that it is an amazing anime. For all the reasons why people dislike it, they are my reasons as to why I love it so much. The unpredictability of this anime is one of the main reasons that I enjoy it. When a main character goes into battle you are left with the anxiety of not knowing if they will survive or not. I especially love this because this is an uncommon thing in most animes. If a character dies it will more than likely be a side character but in Akame Ga Kill nobody is truly safe.

9.Black CloverSee the source image

   From the plot, to the characters, to the AMAZINGGGGGGGGG soundtrack, it would be a crime to leave Black Clover off of my list. Some complaints that I’ve heard about the show is that the “AnIMatIOn Is NoT GOod.”  which is not a valid reason. NOW I will admit, Black Clover does have its low quality moments, but that inevitable with all animes.  The animation being too “bad” should not be enough to completely drive you away from an anime. The plot is amazing to watch and follow, as well as the character development that the characters go through. Though my one warning is that Asta (the main character) yells too much, but nonetheless it is an amazing anime that is well worth your time.  

8.Magi the Kingdom of Magic

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Magi the Kingdom of Magic will always have a special place in my heart. I don’t know of too many people who have seen this anime or even heard of it though, so it’s safe to say that is is extremely underrated. The characters are easy to get attached too and the plot is very captivating. If you’re a fan of the video game series “The Legend of Zelda” like I am then I think you would love this anime.

7. My Hero AcademiaSee the source image

   My Hero Academia is one of the best new generation animes. It gets so much hate because of the western fandom, and this causes people to automatically avoid it. But despite all of the hate that it gets, its one of the most popular manga’s that is currently out and still going. The characters in this show are some of of the best characters that I’ve ever seen. The different arc’s of this show and its pacing is also an amazing quality. I highly recommend it, and I am a proud fan of this amazing series.

6. Angels of Death

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   Angels of Death is an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. This mysterious anime is extremely captivating, but it also keeps a lot of things unknown. The plot twists are amazing, but my favorite thing about this entire anime would have to be how it ended. Its a very analytical anime, and one that can be interpreted in a few different ways depending on the watcher. While it has its bright moments between the two main characters Zach and Rachel, this anime is fairly dark and heartbreaking. I HIGHHLLYY recommend this one.

5. Michiko and Hatchin (Finding Paradiso)

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    This is easily one of the best animes that I have ever watched. I started this series and finished on the same day. The storyline is extremely immersive. We go through the journey of Michiko and Hatchin, and we see everything that they went through to find Hatchin’s father. The main character Michiko is one of my favorite main characters from any anime. It has its sad moments but inevitably everything comes together in the end. If you like animes that are centered around action and adventure then you will love Michiko and Hatchin.

4.ParasyteSee the source image

  AMAZING ANIME. I just had to start off by saying that. Not only is it hilarious but the plot is so good. It is one of the few animes that I’ve watched that have left me completely satisfied with the ending. Its definitely on the gruesome side but it is one of the best action animes that I have ever watched. Its very unique and HAS AN AMAZING SOUNDTRACK. Also has its sad moments, but it’s all worth it in the end!

3. Assassination ClassroomSee the source image

    One of the most deceiving animes that I have ever watched. Do NOT BE FOOLED BY ITS CHEERFUL APPEARANCE. It had me in tears LOL. But that is also why I love this anime so much. I was laughing along with the characters in the show but in a matter of minuets the switch was so easily flipped. This one touched my heart and broke it at the same time. The characters are amazing, and so is the plot. It was well worth my time and every tear :’).

2. Attack on TitanSee the source image

It would be absolutely sinful to leave out this masterpiece of an anime. It is so popular for a reason. The plot is so well thought out, yet it is one of the most confusing animes that I have watched (In a good way of course). I got my dad into the show and one of my favorite things to do is analyzing the show with him!  I would consider Attack on Titan to be one of the greatest animes to ever be created.


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I’m Out Of Ideas

This is it! I’m out of ideas! We’re at the bottom of the barrel, and it’s gone rotten. I have no idea what to do for my blogs right now. All of the ideas I’ve had so far, save for the darker timeline, have fallen flat for me. I don’t particularly enjoy writing most of the “series” I’ve started anymore. I suppose this could be attributed to a slight style change? I mean, I have concepts. I have plenty of concepts. The issue is, the concepts themselves need development before I can consider them an “idea” for a blog. Wait. I’m pretty sure it would be ideas then concepts. Just switch those two around I guess.

Blogs are an interesting challenge. Since there’s no real limits to what one can consider a blog, they become exponentially harder to write. When faced with the horizon of infinity, a person becomes only capable of standing and staring. Blogs are my current horizon. I want to create something that matches the scope of what blogs are capable of. But, if I ever manage to do this, would anyone even read it to completion? A blog at it’s fullest potential would be the worlds longest piece of literature. Perhaps the ideal blog is a blog that can piece together everything. A blog that can connect the finite before to the infinite after. The secret of blogs is hidden in absolute knowledge. If someone was capable of knowing everything, then, and only then, could a perfect blog be realized. 

Well, I don’t want to have an existential crisis over the incomprehensible potential of blogs, so I think I’ll make this the last paragraph. I’d say this qualifies as another “break” blog since I’ve run out of ideas. I’ll probably spend a good chunk of time brainstorming and figuring out a good idea. Well, I have one idea that I might start on eventually, but it’s gonna be a while before I get there. Alright, go read something else now, or write something. This blog does not continue past this paragraph. So, seriously, leave me be so I can figure out what to do for the next blog.

Your Guide to AAVE and How Not to Use it

AAVE stands for African-American Vernacular English, or Ebonics. In simple terms, it is the way Black/African-Americans speak to each other on a regular basis. It has recently been recognized as a language of it’s own. Often times Black and African descendants were forced to code-switch from our day-to-day speech to “proper English”. AAVE is often demonized and used to mock my people, causing many of us to derive from the language. I want to share the importance of this language, the validity of it, and why as a non-black person you shouldn’t be able to speak it.

Sense of Community

Growing up, I would often speak fluently in AAVE. It was a way I could connect with other kids in my community. It was a way of life for me, I would speak it and think nothing of it. However, when I got older, my teachers and family members would often subtly correct my way of speaking. They would say, “No one is going to take you serious if you talk like that.” “You need to correct your speech before you go into that school”. They would even go as far criminalizing me just for the way I spoke.

So, I listened to them. I began to talk “proper” and “correct” the way I pronounced different words. In doing that, I lost my connection with my friends and classmates. I would be teased for being the “whitest” black girl they know. I felt as though I couldn’t talk to my friends in the same way I did before. Though I was being teased and neglected by my classmates, I would often be praised by adults and teachers. I had very mixed feelings about it, but I learned a technique that let me have the best of both worlds.

I learned to code-switch around the 5th Grade. I would speak regularly around my friends, then act like a totally different person in class. Even now, I still catch myself code-switching in the middle of conversations with people. I feel more comfortable speaking it around people like me and I immediately go in to code-switching mode when I’m around my white-counterparts. Though I am still working on it, I still feel as though I am going to be invalidated for speaking AAVE and incorporating it into my work.


It took me so long to accept the statement above. I would hear so many authority figures demonizing my language that I lost all sense of self. But after reading so many articles and hearing other Black people speak on it, I learned that it is something that should be more prominent in my life.

Talking down on this language is a form of systemic racism. Racists use any tactic they can to strip black people of their culture and use it against them. Something I think is worse, is when non-black people use Ebonics in a form of mockery and/or out-of-context of the situation or person. What I mean by that is, I find it very harmful when someone non-black uses it without knowing the meaning behind it and incorporating it in their speech when they simply don’t talk like that. That shows that you don’t care about the people, the language, or the meaning behind it. This is a form of cultural appropriation. When I see it used out of context my automatic thought is that this person is racially insensitive, and when I establish that, it very hard for me to see that person in a different way.

You’re Not Entitled to the Language

Though that line may come off harsh, there is so much truth to it. If you are a non-black person and you use Ebonics, why do you feel you can? One of the things that comes with uplifting this language is dismantling that entitlement. It is a language that derives from slavery. It was a horrific point in time were Black people were not allowed to speak to each other out of fear of rebellion. It is a mixture of broken English and our original language. The history and significance of it isn’t one that you can just take out of context. You’ve read my story and saw the lost sense of community I had to experience just because I spoke it. So I encourage you to remove AAVE terms and manners from your speech, if you’re non-black, and educate yourself on the matter. Be an ally and the change you want to see.

Critiquing Horror Movies that Locklyn has Forced me to Watch. Pt. 1

-The Strangers-

If your girlfriend denies your marriage proposal, for the love of god don’t go to a secluded summer home together afterwards. James and Kristen move about the rose-petal covered home in uncomfortably suffocating silence. Then, a knock. A blonde woman is at their door, asking for a Tamara. The couple can’t see her face. After awkward explanation and turning her away, eventually James leaves to go on a night-time drive. Kristen then stares at her engagement ring after PUTTING IT ON and I guess thinking about what “could have been” or something? I don’t know, but it’s stupid. She’s also listening to this VERY creepy music. Personally James dodged a bullet in my opinion. Who rejects a marriage proposal then wears the ring? 

Well, eventually during the movie the couple’s house is besieged by 3 masked assailants, who attack and terrorize them simply “Because you were home.” Okay, that’s creepy as H-E-double-hockeysticks. For someone with paranoia, this made me lock my door and close my blinds. Slowly but surely during the course of the night, the couple’s communication with the outside world is cut off. Slashed tires, phone lines cut. 

Super cool. Wow, paranoia alarm is just going crazy right now. This has all been going on during the night, by the way, so the creep factor is upped by ten. But, near the end of the night, Kristen is badly injured and all of her attempts to contact the outside world have been met with silence. James is gone, probably dead (or so I thought!) Kristen is knocked out, and snaps awake tied to a chair right next to James. 

It’s daylight. Okay, so maybe the terror is over? Maybe it was all a prank, and they’ll leave? 

The curtains open, and as the warm sunlight seeps into the room, the couple is killed. Curtains open. The Strangers don’t care if anyone sees, that doesn’t matter to them. The sunlight brought no comfort to the couple. There was no twist, no catch. This truly was just a random attack. The couple answered the door, so the strangers decided they would be the prey.


The Strangers satisfy no curiosities. Nothing is explained. When masks are taken off, the people truly are just.. Strangers.


(I want to thank Locklyn for making me watch all these movies. Please check her blogs out as she explains how to fight back against killers in movies like this one.) 

Blog From A Darker Timeline: 1

(Disclaimer: This is satire)

Today is a tragic day in our history. President John Mulaney has been pronounced dead. He was assassinated by a member of a dangerous terrorist organization known as “The Dream SMP.” The member, a well known pro-digitalization activist known as Ranboo, was arrested around noon. However, the organizations kingpin known as Jschlatt is still out there. These are truly dark times, as the digitalization movement is on the rise.

Vice President Rick Astley was sworn in earlier this morning as the new President of the United States of Utah. The people can expect to see a major change in the running of this country. Some have even speculated that this would be the third “Reign of Terror,” the second being the month-long presidency of Elon Musk. We can only hope that Astley does not have the same pro-digitalization ideals that Musk did.

In other news, Queen Elizabeth has finally reached her 1008th birthday, or at least what we believe to be. Tensions between Spance and Germoslovakiany are on the rise. The world may be heading into a catastrophic war the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

Everest Valley was flooded due to intense rainfall in the area, experts are considering renaming it to Everest Lake. However, the locals of the area are strongly against this, one citizen, who preferred to be unnamed, stated “Everest Lake? What kind of ridiculous name is that? Almost as ridiculous as Everest Valley being a mountain! Mount Everest? Absolutely absurd.” 

Music fans are screaming as K-pop sensation Lil Nas X is sued by Heavy metal band The Beatles for plagiarising the lyrics from their song Sweet Caroline. However, some good news has been recently found. Opera-country fusion band BTS has released their new album Montero.

That’s all for this time, folks. This afternoon, due to the unfortunate demise of President Mulaney, there will be two required UwU’s and four OwO’s. Be sure to keep your IKEA vests on at all times, and have a fantastic day! 

Why H.E.R’s “Take You There” Will Be Played @ My Wedding

Peaking from the opening of a poorly made living room fort at Disney princess movies, I would always daydream of my future wedding growing up. Who would I marry? What colors would my bouquet be? What talking animal would I have as a sidekick to help me navigate life? A question that didn’t really cross my mind up until the later years of my childhood was what will be my first dance song?  And another is what will be on my “special day” playlist?

While some of those question remain unanswered, I have figured out one  song that makes the cut to be featured on this playlist. That song is none other than “Take You There” by H.E.R.  She is known for her entrancing voice and thought out lyrics. This song features both her amazing song writing skills and her melodically gifted voice. There is no further explanation needed as to why this song and many other by her will be featured on my wedding day/special day playlist.

The Simpsons Cartoon GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The songs opens up posing the questions of “Where’d you go? Who you know?” Now, my initial thought when I first heard this song was it’s just another sappy heartbreak song. I’m pleased to say that I was mistaken. As the first verse ends, the pre-chorus hits. Now, this pre-chorus is responsible for me to not second-guess this song as one of many to be featured on my distant future wedding playlist.

“It’s about time for making up
The times you wasn’t with me waking up
Lying if I said I didn’t miss your touch
I need it to, I needed to
Needed to distance myself from you
Oh, just to know you were the truth
So come closer won’t you, won’t you”-H.E.R “Take You There”

Wanting nothing more than to be close with her lover H.E.R uses her skills of writing lyrics to express her yearning in such a loving and not begging way. When I first heard this, I was immediately put in such a calm space. The way that she was able to express her love for this person without blatantly stating it is so impressive. Enough of me gushing over this pre-chorus, lets move into the chorus. 

In Love Hearts GIF by The Valentines - Find & Share on GIPHY

“With you Heaven is a place on Earth and I will take you there” is my favorite line from the entire chorus. From the way she sang it to the way it was written everything is just *chef’s kiss*. To be willing to offer someone something so vast and metaphoric and for a person to make you feel like that, I am here for it.

The song continues to display H.E.R’s love for her person in her expressing of wanting to be close with them for the time made up. Some may interpret this song as two past lovers rekindling, I, however, interpret this as a meeting of soulmates finally.

In short, H.E.R has not only stolen her lovers heart but also mines. #STAN There are multiple reasons why this should be played at every wedding but this short analysis is why it will be played at mine. Down below will be a link to the song. I hope you guys will give it a listen and enjoy it just as much as I do.

Heart Years and Heaven,

Certified Lover Girl <3


Lord, Oh Lorde Part Deux (2)

Here I am again with the next installment of analyzing the Solar Power album, by Lorde. I hope you’re finding your paths, and if it led you here, well you’re more than welcome to stay. Last week I mentioned how this is going to be my initial listen to the songs, and then I will put in my raw thoughts. Last post’s ending song was California, so we will continue from there. Again, feel free to listen along as you read my personal takes. 

4.  Stoned at the Nail Salon


Got a wishbone dryin’ on the windowsill in my kitchen
Just in case I wake up and realize I’ve chosen wrong
I love this life that I have, the vine hangin’ over the door
And the dog who comes when I call, but I wonder sometimes what I’m missin’
Well, my hot blood’s been burnin’ for so many summers now
It’s time to cool it down, wherever that leads
‘Cause all the beautiful girls, they will fade like the roses
And all the times they will change, it’ll all come around
I don’t know
Maybe I’m just stoned at the nail salon
Maybe I’m just stoned at the nail salon again
Got a memory of waitin’ in your bed wearin’ only my earrings
We’d go dancin’ all over the landmines under our town
But the sun has to rise, when it does, we’ll divide up the papers
Two former hell-raisers, I’m still crazy for you, babe
Well, my hot blood’s been burnin’ for so many summers now
It’s time to cool it down, wherever that leads
‘Cause all the music you loved at sixteen, you’ll grow out of
And all the times they will change, it’ll all come around
I don’t know
Maybe I’m just
Maybe I’m just stoned at the nail salon again
Oh, make it good
Oh, make it good
I’d ride and I’d ride on the carousel
‘Round and ’round forever if I could
But it’s time to cool it down
Whatever that means
Spend all the evenings you can with the people who raised you
‘Cause all the times they will change, it’ll all come around
I don’t know
Maybe I’m just stoned at the nail salon
Maybe I’m just stoned at the nail salon again

Raw Thoughts:
This one. As I was listening to it on Spotify getting ready to type, I was reading the little quotes from her about the song’s inspiration. Lorde was mentioning there about how this song came to her after the end of a tour. Usually during this time all these grand questions and worries of life begin to come at her. I think it comes across in the song very well.
There is still the uncertainty at certain parts when she’ll sing something profound and then follow it with, “I don’t know.” It seems reminiscent of when someone younger, or even a child, wants to express their emotions but isn’t quite sure how their feelings will be taken. This doesn’t lessen the value of the lines in anyway. If anything it adds to the depth of growing up. There are all these ideas of what “grown up” should be. Sometimes disregarding age, we’re just lost and/or confused. I do think this song is about that growing up moment when all the sudden realizations start hitting right in the feels.
This one’s deep.
5. Fallen Fruit
To the ones who came before us
All the golden ones who were lifted on a wing
We had no idea the dreams we had were far too big
Far too big
And we will walk together
Psychedelic garlands in our hair
Through the halls of splendor where the apple trees all grew
You’ll leave us dancing on the fallen fruit
The fallen fruit
The fallen fruit
The fallen fruit
From the Nissan, to the Phantom, to the plane
We’ll disappear in the cover of the rain
Took the great minds and the vapers
And a pocketful of seed
It’s time for us to leave
And we will walk together
Psychedelic garlands in our hair
But how can I love what I know I am gonna lose?
Don’t make me choose

Raw Thoughts:
I read the very little detail from Spotify from Lorde, and she said this song is about the environment and the parent generation. 
I love how it begins with how the- I’ll refer to the newest generation as “us” and “our” because I am part of it- anyways, the way it describes our generation’s dreams as too big is great imagery. It could mean our dreams are too big because they expand beyond Earth’s lifetime.
( Really though, all the song has great imagery and metaphors for the topic at hand. ) 
Along with how she is blaming the past generations by saying how they took advantage of the apple trees, and now we are left “dancing on the fallen fruit.” As in, the trees no longer bare fruit due to the climate problems. It is all very environmental political without being overly rude I think. She is stating the problems and expressing her ideas, but still politely. That may be my own bias talking because I’m not the one being put on the spot in this song, but it’s an amazing message told in amazing chords and melodies.
6. Secrets from a Girl (Who’s Seen it All)
Dancing with my girls, only having two drinks then leaving
It’s a funny thing, thought you’d never gain self control
Guess it’s been a while since you last said sorry
Crying in the dark at your best friends’ parties
You’ve had enough, gotta turn the lights up, go home

Couldn’t wait to turn fifteen
Then you blink and it’s been ten years
Growing up a little at a time then all at once
Everybody wants the best for you
But you gotta want it for yourself
My love

You can take ’em if you want ’em, these are just
Secrets from a girl, who’s seen it all
Secrets from a girl, who’s seen it
Secrets from a girl
Secrets from a girl, who’s seen it
Secrets from a girl (Secrets from a girl)
Secrets from a girl, who’s seen it all

‘Member all the hurt you would feel when you weren’t desired?
(Doing anything for more touch)
‘Member what you thought was grief before you got the call?
Baby girl, no one’s gonna feel the pain for you
You’re gonna love again, so just try staying open
And when the time comes, you’ll fall
Yeah, when the time comes, you’ll fall

Your dreams and inner visions, all your mystical ambitions
They won’t let you down
Do your best to trust all the rays of light
Everybody wants the best for you
But you gotta want it for yourself
My love

Couldn’t wait to turn fifteen, then you just go
Secrets from a girl, who’s seen it all
Secrets from a girl, who’s seen it
Secrets from a girl
Secrets from a girl, who’s seen it
Secrets from a girl (Secrets from a girl)
Secrets from a girl, who’s seen it all

Welcome to Sadness
The temperature is unbearable until you face it
Thank you for flying with Strange Airlines
I will be your tour guide today
Your emotional baggage can be picked up at Carousel Number 2
Please be careful so that it doesn’t fall onto someone you love
When we’ve reached your final destination, I will leave you to it
You’ll be fine
I’m just gonna show you in, and you can stay as long as you need to get familiar with the feeling
And then when you’re ready, I’ll be outside, and we can go look at the sunrise by euphoria mixed with existential vertigo?

Raw Thoughts: 
Wow. This one hit me a little differently. It is almost hard for me to analyze it because right now I’m so in my head emotionally about what secrets Lorde just let me in on. Although, I think that’s good writing! It’s thought provoking and kept me engaged from the lines.
The song does a great job of following the album’s theme of journey and getting older. There are so many shifts of mindsets throughout after she has learned “the secrets.” It’s a lot of meaningful messages too, in my opinion. All the messages are things that seem obvious, but while in a teenage mindset… just aren’t. Although I am not a girl, I still just felt a certain type of way when I heard “the secrets.” 
I think this song should be a part of the education system for teens. If this song was heard across the masses then so many heartbreaks might be prevented. We could elevate as a society. Just an idea ♥
7. The Man with the Axe
If I had to break it down
I’d say it’s the way you love to dance
Moving the furniture when my back is turned
A flick of the lights and the world falls away
And your office job, and your silver hair
But our shapes in the dark are the reason I’ve stayed for all these years
I thought I was a genius
But now I’m twenty two
And it’s starting to feel like all I know how to do is
Put on a suit and take it away
With my fistful of tunes that it’s painful to play
Fingernail worlds, like favorite seashells
They fill up my nights and then they float away
I’ve got hundreds of gowns, I’ve got paintings in frames
And a throat that fills with panic every festival day
Dutifully falling apart for the princess of Norway
But you with your doll’s lashes, your infinite T-shirts
I should’ve known when your favorite record
Was the same as my father’s, you’d take me down
I guess I’ll always be this way
Swallowed up by the words and halfway to space
But there by the fire, you offered your hand
And as I took it, I loved you, the boy with the plan
You felled me clean as a pine
The man with the axe
And the light in his eyes
We’ve been through so many hard times
I’m writing a love song
For you, baby

Raw Thoughts:
This is definitely the ballad of the album.  My primary thoughts were how this love song correlated with the rest of the album. I suppose this is showing her personal life, so we as an audience understand her own personal growth. I feel like with the other songs we only got glimpses, but in ways that also helped us. This song seems a lot more personalized and specific. 
It seems like a mood for love that is young, or at least it still has that giddy feeling of young love. 
A metaphor I thought was very clever, “But our shapes in the dark are the reason I’ve stayed for all these years.” She had a way of using the figurative language to tell so much without saying it. I love the illusiveness. It almost in ways keeps the full experience her’s. This song is so revealing yet not at all at the same time. That’s an amazing trait for a piece of writing to have. It’s hard to explain.
I really enjoyed this segment of analyzing Lorde’s magnificent new album, Solar Power. Diving in to the journey of listening to an album about a journey is very cool. I feel like as Lorde is revealing, yet more of her life, I’m still growing along with her. It’s so rad. 
Well that’s all for this post, but I want you all to keep learning helpful secrets and maybe…don’t eat all the fallen fruit 😉

Rap Corner ~ MONTERO

Though, many of the men in the rap industry aren’t comfortable enough to accept Lil Nas X’s sexuality, he shows us time and time again that he doesn’t care and he’s a prominent figure in rap. I personally think that people often get too caught up in his sexuality rather than paying attention to his artistry. His pen work and usage of different instruments is something that surpasses all the hate that he receives.  Welcome to Montero, here I will be analyzing some of my favorite songs from artist’s Lil Nas X new project. After all the hype around this album, I really want to get down to the root of these songs and why they are so controversial. 


Firstly, I want to bring attention to the amazing horns in this song. Supposedly, Lil Nas created all musical instrumentals on this album. It is not a frequent thing to see rap artist make their own instrumentals, and I would just like to show  my appreciation for his multitalented skills. What really grabs the attention of his audiences is his usage of bass. The beat is nice enough but the bass adds that extra flavor to the song. It gets your head moving and quickly becomes one of your favorite songs from this artists.

Let’s talk about this amazing feature with Jack Harlow. He is another rap artist that has recently blown up over the summer of 2020. His flow and voice is unique and he brings so much artistry to the rap industry. This collaboration was so unexpected for me, but it worked so well. The way Harlow always has a way to ride the beat for ANY song is so admirable. I would love to hear more songs from these two because they are so complementary.

This music video is so good!!! Lil Nas puts so much effort into his music videos. It has a story, it has texture, it has outfits, it has comedy. I would classify his music video style as a work of cinematic masterpiece. This isn’t something that is very common in the rap industry, the most you’ll ever see is a few men in a video just walking around lip syncing songs. He has really set the standard for men in the rap industry and I’m so excited to see more!


This song is my favorite from Montero. It really takes us back to Lil Nas’s country roots. If you’re unfamiliar with what I’m referring to, Lil Nas dropped the first ever trap country song titled Old Town Road featuring the country godfather himself, Billy Ray Cyrus. This was the song that really put him on the map, gaining attention from artists all across the world. There has been so many remixes of this song even a version featuring my favorite boy band BTS. But enough about the past, let’s get into this amazing track.

What stood out to me the most was the bridge. It was so catchy when I first heard it and it is the perfect lead way into the hook. One of the things that are most prominent in the track is the vocals it really complements the instrumental really well. As a country music hater, this really changed my mind about the genre. It has heavy country undertones but what is most prominent is the alternative and trap tones of the song. It really appeases to all audiences and I think he really hit the mark with this one.

Also Billy Porter is in the video!!!!


Once again he brings in the horns!! I don’t know what it is about his incorporations of different instruments, but it really does something for me. Maybe that’s just the band kid in me talking, but I really love that so much.

I think this song is the best representation of this album. Through-out the album he has a really good way to sticking to the theme and I think this song is the best representation of that. The added horns and other instruments emphasize the ethereal and celestial feeling of the album. 

This is a really cocky song, and what’s an album without a bragging song?! It’s about cutting loses with someone and having the confidence to talk about it. He lists his accomplishments in the album all while celebrating his independency. He also let’s us know that he can see through the façade that people put up after his claim to fame. This song is definitely a 9/10. The softness of the bass helps to bring attention to the lyrics, and they are so relatable. I suggest listening to this song whenever you see an ex, ex-bestfriend, or anyone who ever doubted your success. This song is definitely the confidence boost you didn’t know you needed.


I know I’ve said this a lot, but this is my favorite song from the album <3.  This feature was one of the reasons I was so excited for this album to be released. I feel like these two were a cultural reset we didn’t know we needed. I love to see grossing artists collab with each other to make an amazing song and they really exceeded any expectations I had for this song.

Doja Cat is an icon when it comes to music and fashion. She really has made her way into the music industry and has become a household name for all. What I fear the most when big artists like Doja Cat collab with up and coming artists like Lil Nas, is over-shadowing. I see too frequently where one artists out raps or out sings the original artists on the track taking away from that artist’s work. This song was a perfect balance of both of their voices. You got to hear Doja Cat’s personality and pen work while also appreciating Lil Nas X’s. This is yet another complementary duo that I am excited to hear more from.

From his features, to his solo tracks, Lil Nas X has shown us yet again why he is an artist to look out for. His consistency in lyricism and musical production is what makes him such a valuable and unique artist and I believe it needs to be appreciated more. The way he pays attention and provide us with so much creativity and detail really shines through his work. I encourage you to set aside all the press and criticism and listen to this album with open ears and an open mind.

Blog! Later?

I can do this later. I can write this blog later. I have plenty of time to just write this whole thing later. I’m not even going to bother with it. Why should I have to do something now that I could just as easily do later? It’s not procrastination if the assignment doesn’t even cross your mind, right?

I have all the time in the world. But I’m sitting here writing a blog. I could be doing a million other things. I’m just lacking in motivation. I’m extremely demotivated right now. It’s not unhealthy to be demotivated. It’s a sign that you need to give your mind some rest. So I’m blogging. Blogging instead of doing any of the other things I need to do.

I wonder what this blog is even about. Is there some lesson that a reader could learn about life from reading this? If there isn’t, then I’ll give you this. Take a break. Do something you enjoy doing. Something due tomorrow can spare time for you to have a little bit of today. Work hard and rest easy. Whatever order you think is best for you. Take care of yourself. If you don’t have the energy to blog right now then that’s perfectly fine. Blog later.

Personal Favorite Crystals and What They Do

I can’t assume that I have been the first to write a blog about crystals, considering how popular they’ve become over the years. But, I have a collection of over 200 different kinds of crystals and more rocks than I can even begin to count. So I like to think I might know more than the average person when going into this subject.
Everyone surrounding the crystal trade makes it evident that the rocks are full of “good vibes,” but how can that be true when the industry is wrought with horrible mistreatment of workers, pollution, and more? My list of top crystals is coming soon. Still, it’s essential to know about the situations around these circumstances and why ethical sourcing is so important. Finding ethically sourced crystals is much harder than it seems to be, though I promise it is possible. Trying to contact local, family-run businesses with their own land to harvest from is a good start. Or contacting a reputable, non-gigantic company that pays their workers a living wage without making them break their backs in the effort.

I could and, in the future, will write more about ethical sourcing in general and with crystals. But, for now, let’s start this list! These will not be ranked in number order because I can’t bring myself to pick and choose any specific crystal, so it will be in random order!



Sunstone has been linked to luck and good fortune by many, and can you really blame them? This rock has been named after our sun, and nobody can deny the warm feeling they have when near this precious gem. While wearing sunstone or having sunstone around you, you may feel more lively and have more energy than usual! It encourages originality and abundance. This stone is also known to increase mental strength, perhaps if you need help healing from the loss of a loved one.


Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline is a curious black rock if that wasn’t obvious from the name. This stone is known for swallowing up negative energy you may be surrounded by and protecting you from it. It is also an excellent tool for grounding. If you need old, unhealthy habits to die? Black tourmaline is your crystal. Stress and tension seem to leave your shoulders and back when this rock is near you. Maybe you need a bit of creativity? This stone is known to help authors, much like you and me, when facing writer’s block.


Going through a challenging situation? Sugilite might be the stone for you! Someone upsetting you? Maybe you throw it at them, and it helps; who knows! (This is the author, please do not throw stones at people.) Genuinely, though, if you need some positive energy coming your way, I recommend this stone. Stress relief, spirituality. This grape jelly stone has got your back, no matter what you need.


And, for now, that concludes my favorite crystals and gemstones. Have a wonderful day, and remember to carry around a rock for good luck! 😀